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VEP diesel has proven that it’s a name you can trust!

Founded in 2012, CMP Technology Co., Limited specializes in tools and machinery parts. As a brand of CMP, VEP specializes in the engine parts, especially for engine rebuild parts, injectors, fuel pump water pump, starter motor, etc. They are mainly used for CAT, CUMMINS, ISUZU, DEUTZ, YANMAR etc. As a main product of CMP, VEP has a vast market in Europe and America. Our engine is mainly used in all kinds of construction machine and other vechcle. We also sell those parts on Ebay and Amazon under the SINOCMP brand, which has won the reputation and appreciation of our customers. Welcome customers to contact us.

Latest blog

Repair Technology
Mar 23,2021

Why Is It Difficult to Start the Engine

Engine start difficulty means that the starter can drive the engine to rotate at the normal speed, and there are obvious signs of starting, but it is difficult to start, or it needs to be started several times in a row, or the starter is turned for a long time to start the engine. VEP Engine Parts.

Repair Technology
Mar 19,2021

Why Cummins Diesel Engine Emit Black Smoke

This article mainly focuses on the lack of fresh air in the cylinder, the temperature and pressure drop at the end of cylinder compression, poor diesel atomization, and incorrect fuel supply time and fuel supply. VEP Engine Parts

Diesel Engines
Repair Technology
Mar 19,2021

10 Reasons Why Diesel Engines Emit Black Smoke

This article mainly introduces 10 reasons why diesel engines emit black smoke. VEP ENGINE PART.

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