How to quickly and accurately buy the products you need

Do NOT buy a part just according to the machine model. It is easy to make mistake. Usually need part number, product name and model to confirm a product. 

1.  Confirm by Part Number.

The Part Number is the identification of the Part. Please confirm what you have is correct part number to the model.

2.  Don't have a part number?

If you do not have a part number, Please send more information like model number, serial number, engine number, pictures of your old parts, size etc. We will confirm much quicker.

3.  Buying a special product.

      1), Engine overhaul rebuild kit.

      Machine model. Same engine might be used on many models. Like 4HK1 engine could used on both excavators and other trucks, but the parts are different for different machine model.

       Picture of piston. Most engine overhaul rebuild kits need to confirm the piston. As even the same engine might with different type of piston. We usually need the pictures in different views of your old pistons. You need to send us the pictures with measurement of height/Outer Diameter/Combustion chamber。

     2), If it is the parts or assy for a Travel Motor, Swing Motor or Hydraulic Pump. The pump model is needed. The nameplate is on the assy.

     Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need any help!