Will the service live of the engine be shortened sharply after overhaul?

by MOU YONG HONG on December 02, 2021

Now the better cars basically use high-performance engines, which can generally achieve no overhaul for life, that is, the so-called car travels 500,000 kilometers without overhaul. However, there are still some engines that are overhauled in advance (due to some abnormal factors causing engine damage). After the overhaul, the mileage of the overhaul has shortened sharply (usually only 100,000 kilometers). Why is this? Everyone must first understand the engine overhaul Meaning.

The so-called engine overhaul:

When the engine power drops seriously, there is a phenomenon of burning blue oil (the oil is seriously worn at this time), pulling the cylinder, knocking the cylinder, etc. The engine must be overhauled, that is, completely disassemble the engine, replace the piston, piston ring, large and small tiles, valves, timing chain, Boring cylinder, grinding shaft, replacing all sealing rubber pads, oil seals (the diesel engine also needs to calibrate the pump), the maintenance means to restore the performance of the engine to the factory performance.

Let's analyze whether the service life of the engine will be shortened sharply after overhaul:

 1. The cylinder liner of the new car adopts platform texture grinding technology, and this technology has not been popularized in the existing automobile maintenance industry. Once the engine is overhauled, the original mesh will be worn away after boring the cylinder.

The engine with platform mesh grinding technology has the following characteristics:

1 Cylinder liner has good wear resistance

2 Good oil release (the engine oil is attached to the anilox groove, and the lubrication conditions have been greatly improved compared to the past)

3 Reduced oil consumption

4 There is almost no break-in period

2. The new car cylinder liner adopts the laser quenching process, which greatly improves the surface hardness of the cylinder liner and the wear resistance. Unfortunately, this process is currently not used in engine overhaul.

 The above two technologies have greatly improved the service life of the engine, coupled with the improvement of machining accuracy, the service life of the engine has been substantially improved compared to the past.

In summary, we can clearly understand how much engine overhaul will have a certain impact on the original engine. Therefore, when the power of the engine fails in the car, the cause must be carefully checked, and the engine must not be overhauled easily, otherwise, the vitality of the engine will be hurt and the service life of the engine will be shortened.


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