Improve the Overall Performance of Fuel Injectors

by MOU YONG HONG on December 01, 2021
As an important part of diesel generators, fuel injectors nozzle, plugs, and delivery valves are the three precision parts of diesel engines. When the solenoid coil is energized, suction is generated, the needle valve is sucked up, the nozzle is opened, and the fuel is sprayed at high speed through the annular gap between the needle and the nozzle of the needle valve head, forming a mist, so that the fuel is fully burned. The working condition of the fuel injector directly affects the engine's power, fuel consumption, durability and other important performances. However, many car owners often neglect the maintenance of the fuel injectors, causing problems with the overall engine performance. Today, let us take a look at the maintenance precautions of the fuel injector nozzle:

The automobile engine has been used for a certain period of time, because the dust in the gas and the residue in the diesel oil will hinder or block the fuel pipe, and the carbon deposit and collagen fiber caused by the whole process of ignition will also stick to the intake and exhaust pipe doors. , Intake and exhaust pipes, throttle valves and cylinders, especially on the oil pumps of diesel engines or car gasoline sprays. The oil pump is blocked or stuck, causing the fuel injection pump to leak water and insufficient atomization. If the fuel is not injected, the fuel consumption will increase, the driving force of the car engine will be reduced, the idling speed will be stopped, the acceleration will be poor, and the start will be difficult. According to testing, if 10% of the ignition advance angle is blocked, it will cause incomplete ignition of the car engine, reduced characteristics, increased gasoline and diesel consumption, and exhaust pipe temperature rise. Therefore, it is necessary to clean up the relevant system software of automobile engines.

The key problem that often occurs in fuel injectors is blockage. There are many reasons for blockage:

1.The carbon deposits caused by the ignition of the automobile engine are accumulated on the oil pump or the residue in the gasoline and diesel plugs the passage of the oil pump.

 2.After the required mileage of the car, especially the poor driving standard of the truck, the gasoline and diesel system software will also produce the necessary alluvium in the extreme natural environment for a long time;

3.The collagen fibers and residues of the diesel engine itself or the dust and residues generated during the whole process of storage and transportation will also produce grease-like accumulation of chemical substances in the oil tank of the vehicle gasoline, the oil inlet pipeline and other locations;

4.When people carry out maintenance for the car, if too much car oil is added, the excessive car oil will stick to the oil pump from the engine piston blow-by valve, and it will also produce carbon deposits after being ignited at high temperatures;

5.Unsteady components in diesel engines will also often undergo chemical changes at the necessary temperature, producing collagen fibers and epoxy-like thick substances. This chemical substance will change when it is ignited at the oil pump, bypass valve, etc. For hard carbon deposits.

The deposits in the fuel system of an electronic fuel injection engine are very harmful, and it will affect the performance of the high-precision components of the electronic fuel injection system. If it will cause the engine's power to drop, it will also form carbon deposits in the intake valve, causing it to close tightly, resulting in unstable engine idling, increased fuel consumption, and excessive emissions; at the same time, it will also form carbon deposits on the piston top cylinder head. Due to the high heat capacity of carbon deposits and poor thermal conductivity, it is easy to cause engine knock; shorten the service life. Therefore, the performance of fuel injectors plays a decisive role in the power of each engine. Regular cleaning of the fuel injection nozzle has a very important effect on the engine.

In addition to improving the maintenance of fuel injectors, it must be noted that if the fuel injectors are damaged, there is no way to repair them. At this time, we must choose the technical and professional quality, durable fuel injector products to carry out fuel injection. The maintenance work of the device.


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