How to Update Your Turbocharger

by MOU YONG HONG on December 01, 2021
Bolting on a much bigger turbo sounds easy on the web but becomes tons harder when it’s time to start out turning wrenches. Will your stock oil lines hook up with the new turbo? Is there even room for it, or will you've got to sacrifice your AC or power-assisted steering to form it fit? and can you even see any improvement if it’s still attached to the stock intercooler and exhaust? While a turbo upgrade is often an enormous job, it doesn’t need to be with our line of direct-fit replacements.

While we do carry the whole line of BorgWarner EFR, Garrett GTX, or maybe our own T3/T4 turbos for those trying to find the sorts of serious gains that need custom fabrication, we even have many drop-in upgrades which will offer you a pleasant boost while still retaining OEM fitment and daily-driver reliability. Most of them are going to be slightly larger than stock, but not so big that lag and fitment become a problem. they'll even have improvements sort of a billet aluminum compressor wheel, wastegate actuator, or VNT vanes for faster response and better durability. If your original turbo is due for replacement just thanks to age and normal wear, this is often an excellent opportunity for a light upgrade for those that occasionally wish to hit a favorite back road in their sporty commuter car or tow with their diesel truck. Many of those upgrades borrow OEM parts from higher-trim models, just like the 16G turbo from an early Evo onto a Mitsubishi Eclipse, or our kit that has everything required to retrofit the larger K04 turbochargers from the Europe-only Audi RS4 onto the US-spec, K03-equipped B5 S4.

With any of those options, you'll notice a small improvement on an otherwise stock vehicle, especially if your original turbo was particularly wiped out. Pairing them up with other common bolt-on modifications sort of a cold air intake, larger intercooler, and freer-flowing exhaust will allow the upgraded turbo to figure to its full potential. At a particular point, you'll also want larger fuel injectors to stay a secure air/fuel ratio, and an honest tune to form of these parts work reliably together.

As the leading source of turbochargers, our catalog is usually expanding, but a number of our hottest turbocharger upgrades include:

20485270 Turbocharger

49179-00451 Turbocharger

6732818100 Turbo Turbocharger

4035373 Turbocharger

2485376 10R-2232 Turbo

For more knowledgeable assistance in getting the highest-quality stock replacement or performance upgrade parts at the simplest prices, contact and we’ll see what we've available for your car! we have the most important turbo catalog within the business, with either fresh or remanufactured options from top brands like Garrett, BorgWarner, Stigan, Holset, and more. Come inspect what makes us the industry leader!


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