How to Make Sure That the Injector Receives the Right Voltage

by MOU YONG HONG on December 01, 2021

Injector failure will affect fuel economy and should cause a fireplace. make sure that the fuel injector receives enough power to figure properly.

If your engine isn't running properly, there could also be a drag with the vehicle's fuel delivery system. Injector failure will cause one among your cylinders to fail to completely ignite, which can cause the engine to lose its balance at the least speeds. Since all fuel might not burn, this may destroy fuel economy, and you want to press the accelerator hard to urge the car to maneuver.

The injector may be a special sort of solenoid that will actuate its piston very quickly. In this way, even when the engine is spinning at a better RPM, the injector can deliver a particular amount of fuel to the cylinder. During the whole service life of a car, the fuel injector will burn many times and eventually wear out or block, causing the engine to fail to work normally. However, poor injectors cannot maintain the right fuel concentration, which can affect the general fuel economy and engine function. Therefore, because of the owner, it's necessary to frequently check whether the fuel injector can receive the right voltage to make sure the traditional driving of the vehicle. the subsequent editor will introduce the way to make sure that the injector will receive the right voltage:

1.Test the resistance of the injector

materials needed

Digital ohmmeter (DVOM) or multimeter with ohm setting

Note: Some engines have plastic panels, which must be removed before you'll use the injector. they're usually bolted and may be removed employing a basic socket kit with extensions.

Step 1: confirm the key's turned off. No power supply is required for this test.

Step 2: Remove the injector harness. it's going to be necessary to slip the lock before pressing down on the bayonet to get rid of the harness.

Step 3: Set DVOM to live ohms. found out a multimeter to live ohms. If the meter doesn't have an automatic range, set it to rock bottom range.

Step 4: Use DVOM to check the resistance. Place the meter wires on the pins inside the connector and confirm they're not touching one another.

Today, high-impedance injectors are the foremost common injectors in automobiles. they vary from 12 to 17 ohms.

Low impedance fuel injectors are often used for top performance and bigger fuel injectors. they need a way lower resistance, usually about 2-5 ohms.

Step 5: Repeat the above steps for all injectors. The resistance between them should be within half an ohm.

Any major differences and therefore the injector should be checked to form sure it's properly ignited.

Tip: you'll find the resistance of the injector that suits you by searching online or within the vehicle maintenance guide.

2.Test the injector wiring

Step 1: activate the car. Turn the key to the second (ON) position of the test. you would like battery power to flow, but you do not want the engine to run.

Step 2: found out DVOM to live DC voltage. If the meter doesn't have an automatic range, please use the rock bottom possible range.

Step 3: Ground the negative lead of DVOM. The frame of the car is grounded, so search for the unpainted a part of the frame under the hood.

Tip: Some DVOMs have alligator clips, so you do not got to pull the wire. this may free your energy and specialise in gaining a positive lead within the right position.

Step 4: Put the positive wire on the wire harness terminal. The wiring harness will have two terminals into which the pins on the fuel injector are inserted.

One are going to be grounded and skim 0 volts. the opposite should read around 12 volts.

Step 5: Repeat the above steps for all injector harnesses. Leave the bottom wire in situ and test all injector wiring harnesses.

They should all be around 12 volts. A lower reading indicates excessive resistance somewhere within the wire.

Hope these tests will enable you to get injector problems. However, as mentioned earlier, it's going to not be an electrical problem that caused the injector to malfunction. If the resistance of the fuel injector is normal, subsequent step is to get rid of the fuel injector and test the spray pattern produced on the fuel injector tester. If you encounter any difficulties when testing the injector, our technicians at VEP DIESEL PARTS are going to be ready to assist you in diagnosing the matter and replacing any defective injector.


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