How to Judge Whether the Injector Nozzle Is Dirty, Cleaning Method Introduction

by MOU YONG HONG on December 01, 2021

This article mainly introduces how to judge whether the injector nozzle is dirty, and at the same time introduces how to clean the injector nozzle.

The car is a whole. Generally speaking, any part of the problem may cause the overall failure. Today VEP will show you how to judge whether the fuel injector is dirty? And what is the cleaning method?

How to judge whether the injector nozzle is dirty: symptoms

1 The engine noise becomes louder, especially at low gears and below 2500 rpm (no matter how high it is, it may be because the engine is originally noisy at high speed).

2 The throttle response is not sensitive, the acceleration is not smooth (compared to the new car), the throttle feels lagging, and the fuel tachometer pointer rises slowly in neutral gear.

3 Idle speed jitter in a small range.

4 It is easy to shake at the start and difficult to control and eliminate. The 12-speed low-speed upshift has a slight cylinder shortage.

How to judge whether the injector nozzle is dirty: cleaning method

1 The first choice is to use the "slinging bottle" method for cleaning


This method is simple and easy to implement,
The cleaning process has to wash away the carbon deposits in the tank,
In terms of environmental protection, exhaust emissions will definitely temporarily exceed the standard.

2 Clean with a non-disassembly washing machine


The principle of cleaning without disassembly is to use the pressure and circulation network of the engine's original system,
Use a cleaning agent to replace oil-burning to clean the coke in the cylinder,
Then discharge by the discharge system.
The advantage of non-disassembly cleaning is that it is convenient and quick.
And the cleaning effect of the fuel injector is obvious;
It can eliminate engine weakness and poor acceleration, and improve engine power.

The above is how VEP introduces how to judge whether the fuel injector nozzle is dirty, and his cleaning method. If the fuel injector is not cleaned in time, it will make a lot of noise, so it should be cleaned in time. Please pay attention to VEP DIESEL Parts for more.


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