How to distinguish EUP, EUI and common rail injectors are different

by MOU YONG HONG on December 02, 2021

This article mainly introduces how to distinguish between EUP, EUI, and common rail injectors.

With the increasing popularity of automobiles and trucks, the common rail system occupies an increasing market share. The main systems include Bosch common rail system, Denso system, Delphi system, Cummins system, etc. But many people don't know how to distinguish EUI, EUP, and common rail injectors. They think all electronic injection common rail injectors, so let's learn about it from the following articles.

Firstly, we distinguish them from their interpretation.

EUI= Electronic Unit Injectors

EUP= Electronic Unit Pumps

Common rail injector

Secondly, we distinguish their differences in appearance.

Common rail injector

Delphi Serial Common Rail Injector

Denso Serial Common Rail Injector

Cat Common Rail Injector

Third, we distinguish them from their system.

There is no common rail in the EUI system, the injection pump and injector are been connected together.

There is also no common rail in the EUP system,  The ECU(Electronic Control Unit) controls the unit pump directly.

There is a common rail in the common rail system that connects the injectors, the ECU controls the common rail injectors to work.

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