Diesel Injector for Sale

by MOU YONG HONG on December 01, 2021

This article mainly introduces some of the history, main injector types, and basic components of diesel injectors. At the same time, we will provide you with the best quality diesel injectors. I believe we are your best choice.

One of the most critical components of a diesel engine is the fuel injector. You can now sell a variety of diesel injectors on the market, including but not limited to: common rail injectors, unit injectors, unit pump injectors and pump line injectors. The nozzles of these injectors can fire up to 1,000 times per minute and affect the performance, efficiency, and emissions of the engine during its service life. Therefore, the purchase of high-quality diesel fuel injectors should be the top priority.

Although it looks like a basic part of an engine, the injector includes many components consisting of an injector body, a high-speed electromagnet, a tappet, a needle valve assembly, a two-position two-way switch valve, and an intermediate pad assembly. A few cases. Make sure to process each of these parts with high precision, and then make sure that the injector is assembled with extreme care to ensure the best performance of the fuel injector. Several factors must be considered: the weight and balance of the injector body (which will affect the life and efficiency of the nozzle), the size and geometry of the nozzle hole (which will determine how the injector disperses the fuel), and a host of other considerations.

As you can see, buying diesel injectors is not as simple as it seems. However, anyone who is interested in buying from VEP can rest assured that the diesel injectors we sell are exactly what you are looking for: high-quality, precision machining, assembled to excellent standards without being overlooked, because we have A variety of diesel fuel injectors are sold. For many years, VEP has been selling the best quality products, and now, we have become a reliable supplier of diesel injectors for large and small companies around the world. Our price is the market standard, and our products are second to none. All of these are part of what we guarantee when you buy: buying from us means that your diesel engine will get the best injectors at the best price.


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