CAT C7 Injector Application to the main Fuel Injector of CAT C7 Engine

by MOU YONG HONG on December 02, 2021

Caterpillar C7 engines have since ceased production, but today there are still a large number of vehicles using this engine. Over time, the parts in the engine will face wear and need to be replaced – the fuel injector is one of them. At CMP Technology Co, Ltd, we mainly introduce some part numbers and corresponding reman part numbers of some injectors suitable for the CAT C7 engine. We would like to take this opportunity to share the series we have on CMP Technology Co, Ltd For more information.

Today, CMP Technology Co, Ltd has a dedicated team of about 50 employees. Its site area exceeds 2,000 square meters, and each product can be tailored to the specific needs of customers. In addition to the popular CAT C7 fuel injectors and fuel injection pumps, our wide range of products also includes Caterpillar fuel injectors for C9 engines, fuel injectors, and fuel injection pumps and computer boards, displays, wiring harnesses, turbochargers, to name a few.

Would you like to buy CAT C7 injectors from CMP Technology Co, Ltd? We have a large inventory of products, which are in stock and can be delivered immediately. For any needs of your CAT C7 engine fuel injection products, please feel free to contact us, our experienced sales team will serve you wholeheartedly.

Application to the main Fuel Injector of CAT C7 Engine.

CAT NO. Application
266-4446 10R7224 C7
267-9711 C7
328-2576 C7
263-8218 10R7225 C7
249-0713 C7
387-9427 C7
328-2585 10R7225 C7
268-1835 C7
268-1836 C7
328-2586 C7
295-1412 C7
233-3535 C7
236-6011 C7
238-8091 10R4763 C7
240-8063 C7
241-3238 10R4761 C7
245-3518 10R4764 C7
241-3239 C7
188-8739 C7
242-3456 C7
293-4069 C7
241-9593 10R2828 C7
241-9595 10R2828 C7
242-0857 10R2828 C7
328-2583 10R4761 C7
328-2574 10R7222 C7
254-4340 10R7223 C7
222-5959 10R4761 C7
222-5961 10R4761 C7

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