7 Suggestions to Help You Buy Cat C7 Injector

by MOU YONG HONG on December 01, 2021

CAT C7 fuel injector is one of the precision parts of C7 diesel engine. Injectors are particularly susceptible to damage due to wear and overpressure. The C7 engine is widely used by various machines, and the demand is particularly great. As the market demand for CAT C7 injectors continues to expand, more and more suppliers are being manufactured. However, due to different manufacturers, the quality of injectors varies.
When purchasing C7 injectors for CAT engine parts, we need to pay special attention to the following tips.

1 Are C7 injectors, C9 injectors, and C-9 injectors commonly used?

C7 injectors and C9 injectors are common. But the C7 injector and the C-9 injector are not common, and their solenoid valves are different.

2 Please pay attention to the product number.

As mentioned above, CAT's factory provides C7 injectors, but there are many parts. The part number of the injector is XXX-XXXX. During the purchase process, you must ensure the corresponding part number to purchase the product with the correct part number.

3 Is the quality of refurbished injectors bad?

No, due to the continuous improvement of refurbished technology, the quality of refurbished products is not lower than the original products. In fact, the current life of the refurbished injector will reach 95% to 98% of the original injector. If it is a high-quality refurbished manufacturer's production technology that meets the original requirements, the refurbished injector can usually reach standard quality.

4 Original injector or refurbished injector?

C7 injectors usually come from CAT factories. If you buy a small amount from the original agent, the injector for both will be particularly expensive. But there are refurbished injectors. Therefore, original products and refurbished products coexist in the market. Before paying, you should carefully consider and make a choice, buy an original or refurbished sampler.

5 Do I need to embed code with ID?

Pure original parts have code settings, which are designed to enable ECU to identify and learn ID code information, and then accurately grasp the fuel injection flow rate and other specific parameters of the injector, so as to achieve accurate matching effects. This is done from a professional perspective, which requires a series of testing equipment settings. However, the original injector and ECM will be automatically matched during the installation process, the purpose is to grasp the proper injection state. Therefore, we do not need to set the ID code. The injector can also be installed and used directly because the original injector manufacturer will calibrate the injector to ensure it can be used.

6 The package can deceive you.

Although we mentioned that manufacturers with better manufacturing technology will be able to make refurbished injectors up to standard quality. However, due to different manufacturers, the quality of injectors varies. Many refurbished syringes were initially packaged in the market, which caused great harm to the interests of customers. Therefore, it is necessary to establish long-term cooperative relationships with major brand suppliers.

7 Can we offer to replace the old injector with a new one?

VEP provides replacement activities for old injectors. We will quote on the quality of the injectors received. We accept old damaged injectors in exchange for refurbished injectors. But the original syringe will not participate in exchange activities.

Special note: If you want your injector to work longer, please pay attention to the quality of the oil. We should use high-quality fuel. The fuel filter must also be checked and replaced regularly to prevent the oil circuit from being blocked by impurities and affecting the accuracy of the fuel injection nozzle.


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